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...residing at Studio 99 in the Scripps Ranch area
9999 Business Park Avenue, Suite A, Scripps Ranch, CA 92131 Ph. 858.805.1216
Full Set - $225 Medium Set - $150 Small Set - $125
*Call for Discounted Prices on New Sets!
Small Retouch - $55 Medium Retouch - $65 Full Retouch - $75
Note: Waiting for retouches longer than 4 weeks may require a new set of lashes, if too many lashes need replacing. Suggested upkeep averages every 2-3 weeks for retouches.
Remove Entire Set of Lashes - $35 Partial Set Removed: - $20 (done usually during retouches)
Before and after a lash service
Before and after a lash service

Eyebrow Shaping (first time): $25.00Eyebrow Maintenance: $15.00

Lip: $10.00Chin: $15.00Full Face: $45.00

Makeup Application: $35.00 Makeup Application with lesson: $55.00
This version of a European facial focuses on relaxation and resurfacing of the skin.
The "R & R" Facial (Resurfacing, Relaxing Facial): $75
Your facial begins with a nice warm foot bath including essential oils, calming cleanser and bath salts. In addition, a hand massage, foot massage, neck & shoulder massage, AND facial massage are all included during your treatment. You will receive one full hour of aromatherapy, massages and treatments for this 14 step facial.
For maximum results consider upgrading with a treatment mask.
Include a treatment mask for instant gratification and maximum results!
Hydrate - Therapeutic Oat Milk Mask: $25
Oat extracts are used to reduce redness and irritation for all dry skin conditions. Oat milk, honey, arnica and cucumber offer a deep, soothing solution for intense hydration.
Revitalize - Therapeutic Papaya Mask: $25
Active blend of papaya, honey and fruit extracts release impacted skin cells and reduce inflammation. Leaves skin, supple, smooth and glowing.
Clarify - Therapeutic Salicylic Acid Mask: $25
A combination of 20% salicylic acid with antioxidant and antibacterial ingredients - ideal for clearing up breakout-prone skin.
Retexturize: - Therapeutic Pumpkin Mask: $25
Active blend of enzymes, vitamins and nutrients that nourish and exfoliate the skin removing dead surface cells that cause rough texture.
Your chemical peel appointment will be both educating and informative. Your first Pre-Peel appointment discusses what results you are looking for and what customized peel we will choose together. The products used can treat the following skin conditions:

* Acne      * Scarring     * Rosacea     * Psoriasis     * Large pores     * Dry skin
* Dark spots (hyperpigmentation)     *Light spots (hypopigmentation)     *Fine lines and wrinkles

Each peel can be layered or can add on a retinol booster for maximum results. The prices can vary depending on how customized you choose to have your peel. The products used are gentle enough so that you can return to work and your everyday life immediately, yet aggressive enough to see amazing results!
Customized Chemical Peel: $100
Each additional Peel Layer: $25 (At time of service you can add on layers for optimum effect)
Retinol Booster Add-on: $25 (Intensifies & boosts peel effect)
NOTE:  Layering can only be done after being evaluated by your clinician at time of service.
Acne| Hyperpigmentation| Rosacea| Psoriasis| Sensitive Skin| Visible Aging
Acne Induced Scarring Hyperpigmentation
Acne Scarring Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation
Diffuse Redness
Sun Induced Hyperpigmentation
Acne With Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation
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